Next Stop Ski lodge Tänndalen

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Ski Lodge Tänndalen

 Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February 2017, it is time for me to visit the beautiful SKI LODGE TÄNNDALEN.  Designed with inspiration from North American Ski Lodge tradition with elements of Härjedalsk building art, natural colors and clever detail solutions. The perfect accommodation in the real mountains.

 Here you live virtually in the middle of the ski slope. Just put on your skis and slide out. 

 For more info about tänndalen Ski lodge visit:



 On this special occasion, i have been invited by my skillful colleague CRUZ MEZA. "Crusito", is one of the most international latin djs from Sweden. Originally from Chile, he is been struggling on his way up. Highly criticized at the beginning, "cumbiero" by heart, but musician first,  he have make a name of himself among latin djs in Sweden.


CRUZ MEZA is currently playing these season in Tänndalen, but besides this, he has been playing in some international gigs in the last past weeks, for example in the Czech Republic. In the summer you can find him in CLUB NORD in Magalufs, Spain.  

 For more info about CRUZ MEZA visit his facebook page:  

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