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DJ Mike Prez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Raised in Caracas, Venezuela where he graduated from high school. Since a young age of 10, he became attracted to the art of spinning vinyl by watching a friend practicing and mixing music. Started as a Dj a very young age, inspired by his mother Angela Almonte, that at the time she was working as a record sales woman for a diffrents records levels.

“Brenny” as they call him in the family, like all the boys at school played football making his way to pro-footballer and played for the Dominican Nacional football team. Music was his passion, but he couldn’t have it all, so djing became his hobby, recording at his spare time mix tapes for his friends as he always had the newest music at all the time due to his mom, and playing for friends and family parties when he had the chance. Once he retire from football at the age of 30, after been traveling halve of the world, he decides to continue with his passion, Djing became a extra adrenalin after leaving the footbal behind, music give him a new way to see the life how to make people happy, how to manipulate the night as it goes on at the clubs.

DJ Mike Prez’s passion for music has taken him to manny places, playing for crowds internationally. Mike Prez is currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. He works as Entrepenor during the weekdays and Djing on the weekends, he have been performing in New York ,Sweden, Spain, Germany, Holland, Norway, France and of course Dominican Republic.

"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" ......Bob Marley.

DJ Mike Prez quick mix Salsa Vol.13

Enamorao’ de tu culo

DJ Mike Prez Music Show

Live podcast con lo mejor de la musica latina, noticias y actualidades directamente desde Göteborg con DJ Mike Prez y invitados.